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Cat Rolling Ball Interactive Toy Motion Activated Automatic Moving Ball Toy with Long Tail Teaser Simulation Bird Sound

Cat Rolling Ball Interactive Toy Motion Activated Automatic Moving Ball Toy with Long Tail Teaser Simulation Bird Sound

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Product Features:

 Running fast on carpet. Cute appearance combine with strong rope, super driver rotating furious and the rope twisting, bring more funny to your kitty.

 Motion cat toys activate by touch. Electric cat toys rotating 5mins and go standby 1 hour to vibrating for 30 seconds to remind cats join in game, If not any motion, toys keep sleep to save battery.

Active mode, soft mode, interactive mode will match the needs of different cats. Young and active kitty will crazy for active mode, lazy and first trial cats recommend for soft mode. Interactive mode means toys only active when cats pat.

Easily operation by power button, just change the working mode via the power button, distingush by LED light (Blue-active mode, Purple-soft mode, Yellow-interactive mode), Long press for 5s power on/off, quickly press twice could make the bird songs on/off.

Rechargeable cat toys could be fully charge in 2h. Usage time varies depending on the amount of exercise the cat performs.

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Come with 2 ropes

Package List:

Rolling Ball * 1
Rope Snake * 2
USB Cable * 1
User Manual * 1

2023 Newest cat toys interactive rolling well on carpet

● Electric cat toys with super power could make ball rolling well on carpet ( low shag rug, high pile rugs, wool carpet etc)
● Motion senser make entertainment cat ball could be start by pets paw, even when owners out
Motion activated cat toy auto off after 5 mins rolling, get rest time for kitty
● The petty ball irregular shaking, vibrating, moving, rolling, slipping, reversing bring more funny time
● USB-C cable make moving cat toys easily in charge, 2h charging get whole day gaming
● One button ON/OFF, robot toys ball easily change mode (carpet, floor, interactive) via press button one time
● Birds chirping will attract cats interested in this electric cat toys, quick press twice to make birds songs on/off
● Under standby, cat wiggly ball will short vibrating to attract cats play. If not motion, wicked ball keep standby

Motion cat toys for indoor cats

Once power on, wiggly ball auto works 5mins, then enter standby.

Interactive cat toys with the motion sensor, balls could recognized any touch by pets or human. The cat toys automatic vibrating on a small journey to invite cats play whatever is near, or chirping voice attract cats interested. If not any motion, balls will keep standby. This will effectively extending battery life.

● Help cats exercise properly
● Free your hand teasing cats
● Packed with 2 rope tails
● Suggest tying the tail in a knot


Toys Type: Balls

Is Smart Device: No

Material: Plastic

Type: cats

How to choose mode for your kitty?

Mode1 - Carpet mode (fast speed)

When turn on, balls rolling in fast speed, Intense rolling, vibrating and fierce rope could make balls working well even on thick carpet. recommend for high-energy cats, adult cat.

Mode2 - Floor mode(slow speed)

Press button once, change to slow speed. We recommend on floor or other smooth place. Reduced power will not scare your small kitty, best for first trial cats or shy cats.

Mode2 - Interactive mode

Only vibrating short time then at a standstill. Only activate when cats pat it. Please make the chirping function on, this will helpful for attract cats.

Easy Shuttle

Long press for 5s, turn on / off.
Short press once, change mode from fast to slow speed.
Short press second, change to interactive mode.
Quick press twice, birds song on/ off.

Rechargeable cat toys

The cat exercise toys built-in rechargeable battery, type-C cable come with package (power adaptor not included). Make balls fully charged in 2h.

Using scenarios

Motorized cat toys rolls on its own, you could using it on tile, ceramic tile, wooden floor, thin carpet or thick carpet. It will not get stuck on carpeting or in corners, couches either



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