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UFO Inspired Lighted Retractable Pet Leash LED Lighting System

UFO Inspired Lighted Retractable Pet Leash LED Lighting System

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Can a leash be burdensome and strenuous? Now, let's bid farewell to convention and draw inspiration from weightless spacecrafts that are free from the constraints of gravity. This will enable us to create an unprecedented sensation of weightlessness in a leash. The revolutionary design disrupts biological instincts, redefining both the outer appearance and the inner structure of the leash, ensuring enhanced comfort for pets and freeing up your hands. Our design not only boasts exceptional aesthetics and craftsmanship, but also incorporates a cutting-edge shaft-less expanding ring strip and LED lighting system, allowing you complete freedom of movement. With carefully chosen materials, the grip provides maximum comfort while preventing curling. The sturdy and durable anti-impact design enhances safety by innovatively adopting a ring shape inspired by spacecraft. It serves as an attention- grabbing accessory while walking your dog. The ring's load-bearing capacity, balance, and revolutionary annular grip ensure evenly distributed tension. Achieve effortless and comfortable wrist balance with our lighting system, featuring a 3-meter illumination range that eliminates blind spots, along with a lateral blue cold light respiratory lamp that enhances nighttime visibility, ensuring safety by alerting both traffic and pedestrians.Β 

Material: ABS + PC

Charging method: Micro USB

Charging Voltage: DC 5V

Battery Capacity: 200 mAh

Total traction length: 2.6m/8.53ft

Maximum static pull: 50kg/110.23lb

Size: 138 x 138 x 30 mm (5.43 in x 5.43in x 1.18in)

Weight: 0.38 kg/13.4oz

Leash Length: 2.6m/8.53ft

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