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Dog Life Vest Jacket

Dog Life Vest Jacket

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🐶 Introducing the GF DOG LIFE VEST! 🌊 Keep your furry friend safe and stylish on water adventures with this top-notch dog life jacket. 🚤💦

🏷️ Boasts high buoyancy and reflective details for added safety. Features a chin flotation flap to keep your dog's head above water. No more worries about their swimming or boat trips. 🚤

👀 Designed to be bright and highly visible, ensuring your dog is easily seen. Adjustable straps for a perfect fit. 🐾

👐 With a sturdy handle, effortlessly control your dog's movements and lend a helping hand if needed. Easy and convenient! 💪🎈

🐾 Worried about leash attachment? The GF DOG LIFE VEST comes with a D-Ring, perfect for securing your pup on the boat or around the pool. ⚓🦮

💯 Crafted from 100% polyester for durability and comfort

🌟 Don't compromise your dog's safety and comfort! Get the GF DOG LIFE VEST today and enjoy worry-free water fun. Order now! 🛒📦

🐾🍖 Support a Good Cause – Help Families Feed Their Pets : With every order, you're not just buying a product; you're helping PGE on our mission to help struggling families feed their pets and not have to surrender their family members because of a lack of pet food. Join us in making a positive impact on their lives.

Product details:

Chin floatation flap to help keep head above water
High buoyancy
Bright & highly visible with reflective details
Adjustable waist & neck
Sturdy handle
D-Ring to attach leash
100% polyester

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