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Pet Gear Elite

Waterproof Dog Carrier Car Seat Protector

Waterproof Dog Carrier Car Seat Protector

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Experience the ultimate solution for pet travel with the CAWAYI KENNEL Dog Carriers Waterproof Rear/Backseat Pet Dog Hammock Styled Car Seat Cover Protector. Elevate your adventures with your furry companion as you embark on journeys both long and short. This meticulously crafted seat cover not only guarantees a pristine and comfortable ride for your beloved pet but also ensures the cleanliness and longevity of your car's interior. Let your pet roam free without worry, thanks to the hammock design that keeps them secure in the rear seat while the waterproof material shields against any accidents or spills. The integrated safety belt provides an additional layer of protection, offering you peace of mind throughout the trip. With the CAWAYI KENNEL Dog Carriers - Waterproof Seat Cover for Dogs with Safety Belt, Pet Transporting with every car ride becomes an opportunity for bonding, exploration, and unforgettable memories. Invest in this dog transportation seat cover today and redefine the way you and your dog travel together.

🐾🍖 Support a Good Cause – Help Families Feed Their Pets : With every order, you're not just buying a product; you're helping PGE on our mission to help struggling families feed their pets and not have to surrender their family members because of a lack of pet food. Join us in making a positive impact on their lives. 

Type: Dogs

Season: All seasons

Pattern: Various Prints

Material: Nylon

Item Type: "Car Travel Accessories "

Max Weight: 10kg (22lbs)

Feature: Eco-friendly

Applicable Dog Breed: Universal

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