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6pcs Mix Pet Catnip Toys Bundle

6pcs Mix Pet Catnip Toys Bundle

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Keep your furry friend entertained with the 6pcs Mix Pet Catnip Toys! Perfect for keeping cats and kittens of all ages engaged for hours, this toy pack is a must-have for feline owners. Made of high quality plush material, these toys are made to last. The variety of designs and shapes ensures that cats never get bored - there's plenty of opportunity for playtime fun! Plus, cats will love the smell and taste of natural catnip embedded into each toy, encouraging more interactive play. Encourage activity and offer your pet hours of entertainment with the 6pcs Mix Pet Catnip Toys - trust us, they'll thank you!

🐾🍖 Support a Good Cause – Help Families Feed Their Pets : With every order, you're not just buying a product; you're helping PGE on our mission to help struggling families feed their pets and not have to surrender their family members because of a lack of pet food. Join us in making a positive impact on their lives.


Material : Cloth

Color: Mix

Size: About 5.5cm/2.17in

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